Custom Embroidered Trucker Hats

Choose a custom trucker hat that will keep head covered and cool at the same time. The iconic mesh back of the Trucker Hat is perfect for any outdoor activity.

Quick facts about our Custom Embroidered Trucker Hats


1 – 6 Custom Embroidered Hats at $24 each.

7 – 13 Custom Embroidered Hats at $22 each.

14 – 49 Custom Embroidered Hats at $21 each.

50+ Custom Embroidered Hats at $20 each.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Order just one custom embroidered trucker hat if you’d like – enjoy bulk price breaks with 7, 14, & 50 custom trucker hats.

Avg. Turn Around Time

3-7 days from order placement to delivery.

Endless Possibilities for our Custom Embroidered Trucker Hats

  • Base Material can be 100% Cotton Twill Cotton / Poly Twill Poly Mesh
  • Profile Shape: High
  • Bill Options: Curved
  • Closure: Snapback 
  • Embellishment Options: Patches, Labels, Printing in Multiple Areas & more

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions and answers about custom design trucker hats.

 I want to buy a custom patch Trucker hat. How do I purchase one?

Answer: It is simple! All you have to do is purchase the respective hat, and during your checkout sequence upload your custom design file. If all of that fails, you can always reach us at

Can I purchase Custom Patch Trucker Hats with different designs?

Answer: You can. When you are adding the Custom Trucker Hats to your cart, make sure to use the file upload respectively as well. Our system will associate your hats with your Custom Design Files.

What size will the Custom Design be?

Answer: We often find the limiting factor on patches varies, but it is typically the height. The design height is typically limited to 2.2 – 2.3 inches tall.

Want to take your Custom Trucker Hat order up a notch?

Custom order instructions? Crazy turn-around times? Custom Design hat help? 

No matter what issue you may be experiencing, we can help you get where you want to be.

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Phone: 1 (251) 284-0775 (Leave a voicemail, and we will call you back)

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