Custom Leather Patches

Cool, classic, & iconic. No, we’re not just describing your brand… We’re talking about 100% custom & genuine patches you can create for your company online.

We’re talking leather hat patches, but the only limitation is your own imagination.

Quick facts about our custom leather patches


1 – 24 Patches at $6.99 each.

25 – 49 Patches at $5.94 each.

50 + Patches at $4.89 each.


No Minimum Order Quantity

Order just one patch if you’d like – enjoy bulk savings with 25+.


Avg. Turn Around Time

3-7 days from order placement to delivery.


Base Materials

Whether you’re looking for premium, real leather or something a little different, you’ve got options.

Custom Leather Patches

Whether it’s custom leather patches for hats, your camera bag, your purse, or anything else you could think of… We’ve got you covered. We’re talking about 100% custom & genuine patches you can create for your company online.

Frequently asked questions

Our most frequently asked questions and answers.

Are your patches made from real leather?

Answer: We have genuine top-grain custom leather patches, and we have faux vegan-friendly leatherette patches. We are actively testing the leatherettes, so for now these are only available upon special request.

Can your patches be ironed-on?

Answer: Absolutely, and there are extensive videos on this topic. We can utilize an adhesive that is heat activated. If you are worried about bond strength… Don’t. We do not use the cheap off the shelf stuff others use. We use a custom type that is provided by a specialty company. We have found the leather tears before the adhesive fails. 

Can your leather patches be stitched?

Answer: This depends. We have found some designs benefit greatly from custom contours with no stitching, and we have found some other designs look stellar with stitching. It is all a matter of preference, but at the moment we only offer patches without stitching. We are working to acquire the right sewing machine for the job.

Are your custom patches for hats?

Answer: We are talking about custom patches for hats, but they can be applied almost anywhere!

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